Christmas Candy: The 2013 Zunior Holiday Album

The 2013 Zunior holiday compilation, featuring all new original songs by Zunior favourites giving the spotlight to Christmas candy.

Trevor Waurechen, our long-time artistic collaborator, takes inspiration from this musical concept to create his own artistic vision included as a four-page PDF in the package.

100% of the retail price of this album goes to The Daily Bread Foodbank.

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Previews - Christmas Candy: The 2013 Zunior Holiday Album

01. The Burning Hell - Eight Days and Eight Nights -
02. Dave Clark - So Lucky -
03. Nick Zubeck - Jimu No Kyandi Keen -
04. Dog Is Blue - Candy Cane -
05. Ben Gunning - (Break Me Off a Piece of That) Polkagris -
06. The Ground - Candy Cane -
07. Baby Eagle - The First Born of Nature -
08. Nichol Robertson - (Like Taking) Candy Canes (From a Baby) -

Hear all samples at once - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with custom artwork by Trevor Waurechen.

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 56 MB
Album File Size - CD-Quality Lossless FLAC Format - 148 MB