Two Hours Traffic - Isolator

The 2006 release from Two Hours Traffic .

"The latest offering from P.E.I.'s Two Hours Traffic heralds their move to Toronto, and it's all too brief. Last year's full-length debut earned the Can-pop quartet an ECMA nom and exposure on such acronyms as the CBC and The OC. Follow-up EP Isolator continues their relationship with producer/mentor Joel Plaskett. As with any established musician helping out a younger act, the songs clearly benefit from Plaskett's extensive studio experience. But it's easy to hear what drew him to the band in the first place. THT transition easily from the punchy power-pop of opener "Purple Eyes/Yellow Light" to the more romp, "Jezebel," to The Cars-inspired synth and choppy guitar of "New Love," to the wistful balladry of "Close Up To Me." Somehow, Two Hours Traffic sound like one band, and they're a good one throughout." - Chartattack

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Possible influences include: Thrush Hermit, Weezer, Matthew Sweet

Previews - Isolator

01. Purple Eyes/Yellow Light - Listen!
02. Stuck For The Summer - Listen!
03. Jezebel - Listen!
04. Heatseeker - Listen!
05. New Love - Listen!
06. Close Up To Me - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including seven PDF pages.

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