Stuart McLean - Vinyl Cafe - New Stories (Physical CD)

The 2013 four-album collection from Stuart McLean with over five hours of brand new stories from Dave, Morley and everyone else at the Vinyl Cafe in a complete 4-CD album package.

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Previews - Vinyl Cafe - New Stories

Disc One
01. Sam's Underwear -
02. Car Wash -
03. Macaulay's Mountain -
04. Code Yellow -

Disc Two
01. The House Next Door -
02. Curse of the Crayfish -
03. Hello, Monster -

Disc Three
01. The Yoga Retreat -
02. Summer of Stars -
03. London -
04. Skunks -

Disc Four
01. Annie's Turn -
02. Sam's First Kiss -
03. Grocery Cart -
04. Le Morte D'Arthur -

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