Hawksley Workman - (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves

The 2001 breakout release from Hawksley Workman.

"All eyes are on him. He's wounded and wailing, but then he abruptly takes command; he quivers vulnerably, his voice warbling as his heart deflates, and then he roars his demands, like a lioness that follows orders without hiding her claws. Hawksley Workman assaults his songs with butch sexual charge, the camp and flamboyance of a junior league pop diva..." - Pitchfork

Learn more about Hawksley Workman at http://www.hawksleyworkman.com.

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Possible influences include: David Bowie, Randy Newman, Tom Waits

Previews - (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves

01. Hawksley Workman - Striptease -
02. Hawksley Workman - Jealous Of Your Cigarette -
03. Hawksley Workman - You Me And The Weather -
04. Hawksley Workman - Little Tragedies -
05. Hawksley Workman - What A Woman -
06. Hawksley Workman - Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off -
07. Hawksley Workman - Old Bloody Orange -
08. Hawksley Workman - Clever Not Beautiful -
09. Hawksley Workman - No Beginning No End -
10. Hawksley Workman - Dirty And True -
11. Hawksley Workman - Lethal And Young -

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