The Salteens - Let Go of Your Bad Days

The 2003 release from The Salteens.

"The band's upbeat outlook is evident right from the opening title track. Atop a warm, gentle arrangement, bandleader Scott Walker entreats a miserablist to "Let Go of Your Bad Days". He sings, "You are on your own / Can you see it's not by chance / Your thoughts are monotone". Walker's own palette is clearly much broader, as he dips into horn-drenched bubblegum pop on "You Stood out from the Crowd". There's a real sense of joyful transgression in the song: "If this isn't allowed / Then how come we want to know / So much and more". The tune's cartoonish brightness and energy is almost too much to take, but at under the two-minute mark, the song doesn't overstay its welcome." - Pop Matters

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Previews - Let Go of Your Bad Days

01. Let Go of Your Bad Days - Listen!
02. Damn You - Listen!
03. You Stood Out From the Crowd - Listen!
04. Look Up! Look Out! - Listen!
05. Turnpike - Listen!
06. Summer's Gone - Listen!
07. Not for Nothing - Listen!
08. Thoughts From Sound - Listen!
09. Time You Have Been Wasting - Listen!
10. Home Again - Listen!

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