Jill Barber - Mischievous Moon (Physical CD)

The 2011 CD release from Jill Barber.

"What makes Mischievous Moon work is that while Barber pushes herself and her band, she never abandons the voice that made Chances so successful. The title track uses strings, subtle guitar and keys to create a magical moonlit night, but the backing players never crowds Barber's voice. She doesn't need lush orchestration – "If It Weren't For Loving You" and "Lullaby" are simple in construction, and just as engaging as any of the bolder arrangements – and the band seems to instinctively know when to retreat and let her voice smolder. And smolder it does; just listen to the lead single,"Tell Me" (also sung in French for her francophone fans), and feel your temperature start to rise." - Read the full review at Herohill.com

Learn more about Jill Barber at http://www.jillbarber.com.

Learn more about Outside Music at http://www.outside-music.com.

Possible influences include: Cole Porter, Matthew Barber, Nick Lowe, Sam Phillips, Ron Sexsmith

Previews - Mischievous Moon

01. Jill Barber - Mischievous Moon -
02. Jill Barber - Took Me By Surprise -
03. Jill Barber - Tell Me -
04. Jill Barber - Daydreamin' -
05. Jill Barber - A Wish Under My Pillow -
06. Jill Barber - Steal Away -
07. Jill Barber - Any Fool Can Fall in Love -
08. Jill Barber - Tenderness -
09. Jill Barber - If It Weren't for Loving You -
10. Jill Barber - Lullaby -
11. Jill Barber - Dis-Moi -

Hear all samples at once - Listen!

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