The 2011 Zunior Holiday Blender

jOur annual Zunior holiday compilation for 2011.

Inspired by the amazing album 'XMAS - The Beatmas', created by a Danish Beatles cover band called the Rubber Band, who made an entire album of Beatles songs with the original vocal melody/lyrics switched out with a Christmas classic. This Zunior release features Canadian artists blending classic Canadian songs with vintage holiday lyrics and melodies.

Trevor Waurechen, our long-time artistic collaborator, takes inspiration from this musical concept to create his own artistic vision. He blends classic Canadian album covers with Christmas-themed images. Every song has it's own unique cover created by Trevor, and all covers are included in the album package.

100% of the retail price of this album goes to The Daily Bread Foodbank.

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Previews - The 2011 Zunior Holiday Blender

01. Mike O'Neill - Frosty The Gold Rush (2:58) -
02. The Burning Hell - Deck The Summer Halls (2:45) -
03. Ben Gunning - Assimilating a Wonderful Christmas Time (4:46) -
04. Nick Zubeck - Sunglasses at Silent Night (4:07) -
05. Dog is Blue - Barrett's Privateers/Christmas At The Zoo (2:17) -
06. The Violet Archers (featuring Ruedi, Sadie + Oliver) - Good King Edmund (4:30) -
07. Egger - Running Back for Silent Night (2:30) -
08. PK DC - Paranoid King (4:36) -

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Bonus - Album package comes with a complete 11-page PDF artwork booklet with unique images for every song by Trevor Waurechen, and a 5-page PDF credit booklet.

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 76.83 MB
Album File Size - CD-Quality Lossless FLAC Format - 210.82 MB