The Burning Hell - Tick Tock

The eccentric and witty 2006 debut release from Peterborough's The Burning Hell.

"The Burning Hell is an intriguing combination of musical prowess and lyrical perversive-ness put together with a keen eye for the details... a seemingly impossible combination of cynicism and hope recorded over the rock version of folk music instrumentation." - Beatroute

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Possible influences include: Stephen Merritt, Smog, Men Without Hats, Leonard Cohen

Previews - Tick Tock

01. The Burning Hell - I Love the Things That People Make - Listen!
02. The Burning Hell - Dance Dance Dance - Listen!
03. The Burning Hell - Working on You - Listen!
04. The Burning Hell - All the Stars and Parking Lots - Listen!
05. The Burning Hell - Bretton Woods - Listen!
06. The Burning Hell - Different Things - Listen!
07. The Burning Hell - Little Seagull - Listen!
08. The Burning Hell - Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mouth - Listen!
09. The Burning Hell - Shangri-La - Listen!
10. The Burning Hell - Municipal Monarchs - Listen!
11. The Burning Hell - 99 Months - Listen!
12. The Burning Hell - It Happens in Florida - Listen!
13. The Burning Hell - Last Will and Testament - Listen!

Hear all samples at once - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including one PDF page.

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