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Improvised live in 2005 in Halifax, Holy Fuck is the entirely unique sound of Graham Walsh, Glenn Milchem, Kevin Lynn & Brian Borcherdt. "Toronto's Evil Super Group". Learn more about Holy Fuck at http://www.holyfuckmusic.com.

Learn more about Dependent Music at http://www.dependentmusic.com.

Possible influences include: King Cobb Steelie, Jesus Lizard, Fela Kuti

Previews - Holy Fuck

1. tone bank jungle - Listen!
2. korock - Listen!
3. korg rhythym afro - Listen!
4. casio bossa nova - Listen!
5. tonebank computer - Listen!
6. bontempi latin - Listen!
7. k.rhythm pt.1 - Listen!
8. k.rhythm pt.2 - Listen!

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