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The 2012 release from The Cyrillic Typewriter.

The enigmatic pop sounds of Vancouver's The Cyrillic Typewriter return with their sophomore effort French Door.

Ostensibly a one-man band helmed by composer Jason Zumpano (though the album credits only a certain "JZ"), the album is occasionally ornamented and illuminated by Nathanial Senff's belching, howling saxophone, and the drones of Christina Rzepa's cello and Megan Bradfield's double bass. Zumpano's former colleagues from Streethawk-era Destroyer, Dan Bejar and Scott Morgan, also make impressive appearances. Mysteriously, however, Francis Carbone and Jimmy Shorts, key members of the band's original lineup, seem to have retreated back to the smoky recesses of a Martin Scorsese film, never to be heard from again.

Inscrutable as ever, JZ's references and inspirations on French Door range from anthologist Colin Wilson's criminals, quacks, and esoteric men of mystery, to oblique mentions of minor characters from cult comic Love and Rockets, to a remarkably poignant, decelerated cover of Devo's Gates of Steel.

From breezy to lurching to contemplative, French Door swings on its hinges and permits glimpses and glances through the vitrines, only to suddenly slam shut and resist interpretation. It never leaves its pop foundations, but is unpredictably punctuated with jarring percussion, chases down elusive and surprising hooks, and generally defies conventional indie rock form. Utterly unique, compulsively listenable, and obsessively obscure, this mystery band has perhaps never been seen together in public, but can be heard by a limited audience on this vinyl-only limited run of 160 hand-stamped LPs.

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Previews - French Door

01. Dizzy and Blessed -
02. As Their Children Slept -
03. An Arrow Pointing In -
04. Tangled Beard from San Francisco -
05. Vato's Gold -
06. The Great White Lodge -
07. Gates of Steel -
08. Boxing Arenas -
09. Visions of Daniel -
10. Just an Odd Jobs Man -
11. Costigan Manor; Pavilions and Palaces -
12. Naked In the Snow -
13. Paris Churchyard -
14. Sunlight Underground -

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Bonus - Album package comes with artwork including two PDF pages.

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 47.2 MB
Album File Size - CD-Quality Lossless FLAC Format - 441.9 MB

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