Stars - Heart

The 2003 album from Stars.

"An entire album of love songs? It sounds like an awful stunt, one best executed by one of those fly-by-night teen pop acts of the late '90s, or Celine Dion, or worse. I'm talking about earnest love songs, at that -- not Magnetic Fieldsy ironic fare or PJ Harvey-fied hate songs. The real deal, heart-in-mouth love song: a staple for all but the most esoteric and melancholy of musicians, becomes a curse when an album is crowded with them. Such a move is seen as a symbol of a band's lack of creativity, or desperate commercialism, or both. Who would attempt such a feat? Stars, that's who. Heart, the latest offering from these Montreal-based indie pop heroes, is 11 songs about love." - Pop Matters

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Previews - Heart

01. What The Snowman Learned About Love - Listen!
02. Elevator Love Letter - Listen!
03. Heart - Listen!
04. The Woods - Listen!
05. Death To Death - Listen!
06. The Vanishing - Listen!
07. Romantic Comedy - Listen!
08. Time Can Never Kill The True Heart - Listen!
09. Look Up - Listen!
10. Life Effect - Listen!
11. Don't Be Afraid To Sing / (hidden track: The Comeback) - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including six PDF pages.

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