• Buy super high-quality MP3 albums for $8.88 
  • You can also choose digitally perfect lossless albums in FLAC format 
  • All albums come with complete artwork 
  • All music is completely unrestricted and uses no DRM
  • All music plays on your iPod or any MP3 player
  • Own your music and play it wherever you want is a small team led by Dave Ullrich out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dave is a musician (The Inbreds, Egger), developer, and music lover that started as a way to sell music directly from artists to their supporters. The site builds on Ullrich's experience as the manager of The Inbreds independent label, PF Records, and on his current experience working in technology/software. 

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Meet The Zunior Team

Dave Ullrich– Head Honcho – Toronto, Ontario

First Album: The first record I ever bought was the 12” vinyl of ZZ Top – Eliminator. Admittedly an extremely predictable      pick for the times (roughly 1985), the album’s appeal was stoked by cheeky video after cheeky video. Videos were a big deal then, really.
All-Time Favourite: Workbook by Bob Mould.
Guilty Pleasure: Attack of the Show. On TechTV, this show is like Entertainment Tonight meets Blind Date.
Favourite Blog/Website: I love to see where things are going with new technology and the environment.

Dave paid his indie rock dues playing drums as one half of the Canadian indie rock duo known as The Inbreds.

Terry Scott – Chief Technology Officer – Calgary, Alberta

First Album: Back in the day of hockey hair and high tops, I think my first album was from AC/DC. It was either Back in Black or Who Made Who. I think AC/DC was the first concert I attended as a young'en.
All-Time Favourite: Road Apples by The Tragically Hip
Guilty Pleasure: Hard to admit, but I've had a subscription to 'House and Home' for the last 5 years.
Favourite Blog/Website: Cali Lewis sells the sizzle on the latest and greatest tech gadgets, and has been part of my daily commute since episode 10.

When he's not putting together the latest Zunior feature, you can find Terry trekking around the rocky mountains.

Paul Watson – Content Manager – Toronto, Ontario

First Album: When I was a kid the bank gave me a cassette copy of LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out after I opened my first account. I also remember buying more than my share of bargain-bin Weird Al tapes, though it wasn’t until I dubbed Green Day’s Dookie off a friend in elementary school that things became a bit clearer.
All-Time Favourite: Hands down, Moondance by Van Morrison (I’m stubbornly addicted to this record).
Guilty Pleasure: “Foolish Games,” by Jewel or Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”…shh!
Favourite Blog/Website: I just might have an unhealthy addiction to

Paul also plays in a band called Dog is Blue.

Helen Hawketts – Delivery Manager – Toronto, Ontario

First Album: The Monks - Bad Habits
All-Time Favourite: The Police
Guilty Pleasure: People Magazine
Favourite Blog/Website:

Helen also creates and sells vintage pillows in her free time when not busy raising two amazing girls.


 Rob Pingle – Zunior Podcast – Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

 First Album: I liked metal in middle school so it was probably Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind.
 All-Time Favourite: Introducing Happiness by Rheostatics 
 Guilty Pleasure: Katy Perry 
 Favourite Blog/Website: - I have a small gaming addiction.

 Learn more about Rob's world at

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Zunior 10th Anniversary Projects
We've been around for over 10 years since starting in Toronto in 2004.  Here are all the projects we did to celebrate our 10th anniversary in the summer of 2014.