Al Tuck - All Time Favourites

The 2010 collection of classic songs from revered Canadian troubadour from Al Tuck.

Journeyman songsmith Al Tuck is living proof of that age-old tradition which transcends title or genre. Whittling and crooning though verse and meter, Tucks poetics are entrancing and immediately classic. After considerable practice in his craft, Tuck has long-since earned himself a place in the who's-who of Canadian song, though with a performance as idiosyncratic as it is intensely grounding, Tucks trajectory is ever-true.

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Previews - All Time Favorites

01. One Day the Warner -
02. Good and ready -
03. Hand It To You -
04. Count On You -
05. Buddah -
06. Face Down on the Page -
07. When It Rains (Flora) -
08. Bean's Blues -
09. Eliminate Ya -
10. Brother From Another Mother -
11. That's How She Goes -
12. Big O' Me -

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