Great Lake Swimmers - Hands In Dirty Ground EP

The special 2006 release from Great Lake Swimmers. The brand new Hands In Dirty Ground EP will be released as a 12-inch vinyl on MagWheel Records, but you can find the digital version only right here at Zunior.

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Possible influences include: Neil Young, Sun Kil Moon, Graham Parsons.

Previews - Hands In Dirty Ground EP (2006)

01. Great Lake Swimmers - Song for the Angels (Miracle Version, unreleased) - Listen!
02. Great Lake Swimmers - Hands In Dirty Ground (unreleased) - Listen!
03. Great Lake Swimmers - I Saw You In the Wild (Live, recorded at Knust, Hamburg) - Listen!
04. Great Lake Swimmers - To Leave It Behind (Band Version, unreleased) - Listen!
05. Great Lake Swimmers - Innocent W.Y.D. (Tom Waits) - Listen!
06. Great Lake Swimmers - This Is Not Like Home (Live, recorded at Northsix, Brooklyn) - Listen!

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 35.26 MB
Album File Size - CD-quality Lossless FLAC Format - 149.04 MB