Book - Stuart McLean - Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe - Signed First Edition

The 2006 book from Stuart McLean

Every family has its secrets.

Morley, for example, is reluctant to talk about her beauty parlour betrayal and that other man in her life: Mathieu. Stephanie hasn't been entirely open about what she was doing in the woods last summer. Sam is keeping mum about his dark powers of prophecy and why he is going by the alias "Samantha." And Dave tries to avoid mentioning his attempted break-and-enter at the Turlingtons'. Who can blame them? When you commit acts of arson during Christmas dinner, attempt to start a life of crime by shoplifting a lipstick or sink your false teeth into the forbidden pleasure of corn on the cob, it's hard to come clean.

These are the stories that no one knows, the stories Dave and Morley wouldn't tell you themselves: lies, white and otherwise, aliases, double lives and all manner of petty crimes and everyday transgressions. These are the secrets from the Vinyl Cafe.

"The Vinyl Cafe is probably the CBC's, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, most successful weekend show. Its American counterpart would be Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion and the funny stories the genial host of the Vinyl Cafe, Stuart McLean, tells are sort of like the News From Lake Wobegon without the politics, religion, and occasional high-horse. As a show, the Vinyl Cafe, when live, is a one-hour set of eclectic music by very different musicians and a story by Stuart McLean about Dave, the owner of a used record store called the Vinyl Cafe, his wife, Morley, their two kids and their neighbors." - The Serious Comedy Site

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This version of the book is a signed first edition hardcover - the perfect gift for any fan of Stuart!

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