A Tribute to Our Friend Stuart McLean

Written By Dave Ullrich - April 27 2017


October 17 2019

Stuart received a letter from me and emailed me to say what a lovely Sunday afternoon ritual my family and I had when listening to The Vinyl Cafe on my vintage radio. I sent him a few emails over the next two years and he always took the time to respond. The last one had a simple message. He wrote I am sorry you’re going through this. I found out the month after that last email he passed away. I sat and felt that void we all did and said a small sentence to the unknown and it was something like, you got one of the great ones, he’s gone to early for those of us who loved his stories, but someone needed him.
Stuart’s family, you have my condolences. Every Sunday at noon I still listen to The Vinyl cafe while out on a walk with my dogs. My IPod has 130 Vinyl Cafe episodes on it. Some days on my walk home from work the random shuffle selects just the story I need to hear at that time and it feels like Stuart is sending me a message from above saying, here’s what you need right now my friend.
A visit to the cafe always makes me feel better.

September 22 2017

Stuart was such a caring individual. I remember him sending me an autographed photo to share with my dad, no longer was able to attend Christmas concerts as he was bedridden with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Soon, I look forward to sitting alongside my 90 year old Mom on the sofa, with my feet up like we 3 used to every Sunday afternoon at 1pm, Tim Hortons in hand, but this time, instead of the CBC, listening to this new CD. As we do, we’ll remember both Dad and Stuart with the fondest of love.

September 09 2017

Still these months later, thinking of the most beloved Stuart McLean being no longer with us for another of his happily anticipated Christmas tours will bring me to tears. We’d all (including me) had such hopes he’d have a full recovery from his cancer. Most sadly, it was not to be. After his death, in reading many articles about him, a question I’d wondered for years was answered: How did Stuart come to use Dave & Morley as the names to headline his Vinyl Cafe books. One of his longtime friends was named: Dave Morley. He is a head of a branch of UNICEF in the US and gave permission years ago for Stuart to use his names. The mystery solved. We will all miss Stuart for the rest of our lives, even if not a Canadian, as I am. He gave us laughter, a sense of really believing in the fictitious world he created with the Vinyl Cafe and all the characters within. For that we are indebted to Stuart for his genius and generosity always in sharing his touching, often too funny stories. Let’s promise to keep reading, listening and talking about Stuart McLean. That way he does live on.

Jade Walker
August 23 2017

I used to visit this site each November, and treat myself to a birthday present: another digital download of Stuart McLean, my favorite Canadian storyteller. It breaks my heart to know there will be no more stories. I miss him so.

Thank you for the lovely tribute, and for providing this service to me for all these years.

Mary-Ann Coulter
August 16 2017

Thanks for writing this Dave. Sorry it took me to Aug 2017. I was clearing out my email’s and I have a ton and came across your website for zunior.com. Glad you are still at it. Stuart show was a ritual for Ken and I and our kids on Sunday’s. I can still hear his voice and we have some cd’s we bring out on road trips to list to the stories and laugh. Enjoy your day.

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