Amos the Transparent - Everything I've Forgotten to Forget


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The 2007 debut release from Amos The Transparent.

"Every single song here is unforgettably catchy, and if you want to hear the sound of someone absolutely nailing it thirteen times in a row, then you need to hear this album -- Everything I've Forgotten To Forget is unquestionably the best album of 2007." - i (heart) music

"…A collision of folk song intimacy and classic rock anthemicism, fused together by a deep melodic and melancholic streak." – Chromewaves

"…Tracks that resonate with pop crystals, soothing tinkles and melancholy vocals, all coalescing into harmonic roots-based tales of self-betrayal and fruitful memories." - Read the full review at

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Possible influences: Elliott Smith, Wilco, Radiohead

Previews - Everything I've Forgotten to Forget

01. Title Track - Listen!
02. She Wasn't Lying - Listen!
03. My Fear of Animals - Listen!
04. All You Bellydancers! Unite! We Are But Sorrowed Men - Listen!
05. After All That, It's Come to This (feat. Amy Millan) - Listen!
06. Hard Times, Simply Come By - Listen!
07. How I Failed as an Architect - Listen!
08. (Here's to) New Beginnings - Listen!
09. It's a Beautiful Life - Listen!
10. I Knew I Shouldn't Have Held My Breath - Listen!
11. Ok, Ok, Fine, Okay - Listen!
12. The Stale Scent of Old Beer - Listen!
13. I'm On Trial - Listen!

Hear all samples at once - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including three PDF pages.

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 85.01 MB
Album File Size - CD-Quality Lossless Flac Format - 354.78 MB

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