Jim Guthrie - Morning Noon Night


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The 2002 release from Jim Guthrie. A home-cooked meal.

"Local bedroom pop genius Jim Guthrie's sophomore solo release starts a bit shakily but quickly settles into a stellar stride. Guthrie's mastered the fine art of the Sony PlayStation recording, looping cool Mario Bros-style sound effects and nifty riffs into uniquely jagged, loping melodies overlaid with subtly witty lyrics. Still, he's wisely balanced the sometimes precious game-console-created numbers with good ol' guitar tunes. Gussied up with sophisticated string arrangements, his hesitant indie boy ballads, like 3 am, are breathtaking in the shy, voice-cracking adolescent manner of the best indie anthems. Communication is a knockout, with a loop resembling a dial tone, overlapping voices, sweet hooks and hopeless questions that beautifully articulate the breakdown of a relationship. If these songs were people, they wouldn't be able to look you in the eye -- and that's Guthrie's charm." - Sarah Liss, NOW

Learn more about Jim Guthrie at http://www.jimguthrie.org.

Learn more about Three Gut Records at http://www.threegutrecords.com.

Possible influences include: Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Royal City

Previews - Morning Noon Night

1. Jim Guthrie - In The Hour of Her Sore Need - Listen!
2. Jim Guthrie - Evil Thoughts - Listen!
3. Jim Guthrie - Virtue - Listen!
4. Jim Guthrie - 3 am - Listen!
5. Jim Guthrie - Turn Musician - Listen!
6. Jim Guthrie - Days I Need Off - Listen!
7. Jim Guthrie - Trouble - Listen!
8. Jim Guthrie - Toy Computer - Listen!
9. Jim Guthrie - Houndz of Love - Listen!
10. Jim Guthrie - Communication - Listen!
11. Jim Guthrie - Right and Right Again - Listen!
12. Jim Guthrie - 1901 - Listen!

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