Various - Take It In: A Tribute to Sloan


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The 2009 tribute to seminal Halifax rockers, Sloan.

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Disc 1
The Guthries- Coax Me
Creepy Finger- Take It In
M. Murphy, S. Millman, R. Mendoza- Anyone Who's Anyone
Lonnie James- The Good In Everyone
Kestrels- I Am The Cancer
Jon McKiel- She Says What She Means
The Sorrys- Sensory Deprivation
thomas/richard- Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
Fuck Montreal- People of the Sky
Don Brownrigg- Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore
Hospital Grade- 500 Up
Daniel Ledwell- Money City Maniacs
Adam Mowery Organization- Penpals
Paper Lions- Everything You've Done Wrong
The Acorn & Catriona Sturton- Snowsuit Sound
Doug Mason- Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Foam Lake- Underwhelmed
The Memories Attack- I'm Not Through With You Yet
Chief Thundercloud- Chester The Molester

Disc 2
Glory Glory Man United- I Hate My Generation
Obscure Pop Culture Reference- Try To Make It
The Light Brights- The Rest of My Life
Cold Dead Hands- Never Seeing The Ground For The Sky
The Randals- Witches Wand
Mary Stewart- People of the Sky
The Oracle of Impending Doom- Worried Now
Penny Blacks- Deeper Than Beauty
Empire Lights- Marquee & the Moon
Octoberman- Sugartune
Milks & Rectangles- Lemonzinger
Laura Borealis- Bells On
Weimaraner- Underwhelmed
Travis Kokas- Who You Talkin' To?
Ultimate Power Duo- Living With The Masses
Chenemies- G Turns To D
Fat Stupids- Emergency 911
Slow Motion Drunks- What's There To Decide?
Wrote Off- Iggy & Angus
Stereo Molehill- Guidance Counsellor

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including one PDF page.

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Album File Size - CD-Quality Lossless FLAC Format - 897 MB

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