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The 2006 re-release from Bob Wiseman, originally released in 1989. Bob Wiseman steps out from the shadow of Blue Rodeo and makes one of the most unique statements in Canadian music history.

"Bob Wiseman -- producer, folk songwriter, guitar-pop singer, and improvisational jazz pianist -- is as difficult to pin down as he is prolific. Having played keyboards for Canadian country blues-tinged rock band Blue Rodeo, Wiseman has dallied in everything from avant-garde to political pop since he left for a solo career. Wiseman's first solo release, Hits of the 60's and 70's, (independent) is a spirited showcase for "prepared piano" (a term referring to altering the piano's sound by slipping paper, coins or vegetables between the strings). His subsequent record, Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle: In Her Dreams (1989, Risque Disque/ Atlantic) is a more accessible work, featuring mostly simple blues/ pop melodies sparsely laid down by piano or guitar, and accompanied by Wiseman's trademark yowl." - All Music

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Possible influences include: The Barcelona Pavilion, Final Fantasy, Lizst

Previews - Sings Wrench Tuttle

01. Older Brother - Listen!
02. No Commotion - Listen!
03. Blind Horse - Listen!
04. If I Knew - Listen!
05. Bhopal (Driftnet Plan) - Listen!
06. Just Tourists - Listen!
07. Cockroach - Listen!
08. Ship at Sea - Listen!
09. Dog On A Leash - Listen!
10. In Her Dream - Listen!
11. Airplane On The Highway - Listen!
12. Travel Agent - Listen!
13. All The Trees - Listen!
14. We Got Time - Listen!
15. Untitled - Listen!
16. Untitled - Listen!
17. Untitled - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including three PDF pages.

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