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The 2006 Album from Camp Radio.

Camp Radio's pedigree is pretty impressive-Pete Frame would have a field day! Singer/guitarist Chris Page grew up in Glengarry fronting The Stand GT. The young punks crossed our nation seven times, releasing scads of 7-inches, LPs and CDs throughout the 90's. He later moved to Ottawa, playing out solo as The Glen Nevous Retraction, before getting cozy with his own name in 2003. Kelp Records proudly released "Decide to Stay and Swim" that year and before long, Page itched for bandmates again. Old pals Dave Draves and Scott Terry answered the call, and Camp Radio was formed in early 2005.

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Possible influences include: Wooden Stars, Sebadoh, Pavement

Previews - Camp Radio

1. Camp Radio - On the Landing Strip - Listen!
2. Camp Radio - Bleed the Real Estate Girls - Listen!
3. Camp Radio - Cons at the New Moon - Listen!
4. Camp Radio - The Julie Rationale - Listen!
5. Camp Radio - Dreamed We Were Astronauts - Listen!
6. Camp Radio - In the Terminal - Listen!
7. Camp Radio - Ticking Toward September - Listen!
8. Camp Radio - Beat Me to the Medics - Listen!
9. Camp Radio - There's a Pedal Under the Tree - Listen!
10. Camp Radio - My Eyes are Dim - Listen!
11. Bonus Track - I Might Catch Fire - Not available on the regular album. Zunior-Only.

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including two PDF pages.

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 59.83 MB

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