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The 2005 release from Chad VanGaalen.

"His chilliness suggests an album full of spare, soft songs conveying subtle emotions, which is accurate but only to a degree. While he keeps his accompaniment to a minimum, VanGaalen is no minimalist. His songs are balanced with only a few carefully chosen elements, as if he has expended a great deal of energy trying to avoid adding another instrument here or overworking a beat there. But the range of sounds on Infiniheart is impressively wide: When VanGaalen culled these 16 from the hundreds in his vault, he chose with an ear toward the eclectic, showcasing his musical ingenuity." - Pitchfork

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Possible influences include: Sun Kil Moon, Great Lake Swimmers, Neutral Milk Hotel

Previews - Infiniheart

01. Clinically Dead - Listen!
02. After the Afterlife - Listen!
03. Kill Me in my Sleep - Listen!
04. J.C.'s Head on the Cross - Listen!
05. Somewhere I Know There is Nothing - Listen!
06. Blood Machine - Listen!
07. Echo Train - Listen!
08. Build a Home Like a Bee - Listen!
09. I Miss You Like I Miss You - Listen!
10. Red Blood - Listen!
11. 1000 Pound Eyelids - Listen!
12. The Warp Zone / Hidden Bridge - Listen!
13. Chronograph #1 - Listen!
14. Sunshine Snare Hits - Listen!
15. Liquid + Light - Listen!
16. Traffic - Listen!

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