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The 2006 release from Chad VanGaalen.

"Skelliconnection is a window into Chad VanGaalen's weird and wonderful world of Viking rainbows, pterodactyls and headless corpses, a bit skewed and alien, but always can easily lose your head for a while and see the world as he sees it. Chad VanGaalen is a true musical oddity, and this is a stunning testament." - Read the full review at

"His voice and lyrics are terrific. His debut, Infiniheart, was originally released by the independent label Flemish Eye. Since his 2005 debut, Van Gaalen has joined the likes of Sub Pop and has a sophomore record slated for release August 23. Skelliconnection is hitting stores exactly one year after his debut with critical acclaim under his belt, a few tours with bands like The Pixies, Wolf Parade, and Built To Spill, and a unique sound that would make any bystander stop and listen. His second record uses more instruments and electronic devices than the former and delves into a more upbeat sound. With his sound quickly emerging from his DIY basement, VanGaalen is showing promise for future endeavors and looks to emerge as a hidden talent." - I Guess I'm Floating

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Possible influences include: Beck, Guided By Voices, Neutral Milk Hotel

Previews - Infiniheart

01. Flower Gardens - Listen!
02. Burn 2 Ash - Listen!
03. Red Hot Drops - Listen!
04. Rolling Thunder - Listen!
05. Viking Rainbow - Listen!
06. Gubbbish - Listen!
07. Dandrufff - Listen!
08. Wing Finger - Listen!
09. See-Thru-Skin - Listen!
10. Wind Driving Dogs - Listen!
11. Mini T.V.'s - Listen!
12. Graveyard - Listen!
13. Dead Ends - Listen!
14. Sing Me 2 Sleep - Listen!
15. Systemic Heart - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including three PDF pages.

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 57.18 MB
Album File Size - CD-quality Lossless FLAC Format - 269.77 MB

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