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"To see the Constantines perform live is to be reminded of exactly why you loved rock 'n' roll in the first place. Guitar riffs slice through the air around you. Basslines thrum through your body, while each bass drum kick hits you like a punch in the gut. Tambourines rattle, first by the band members, then by folks in the audience. The sweat-drenched keyboard player leans on, tips over, and climbs on the Moog or whatever it is he plays, while delivering impassioned background shouts, eyes closed because he believes that every word is the gospel. And the ringleader of the band, the tall, lanky guitarist, screams in his gruff, Joe Strummer-esque voice, down into the microphone, spouting poetry that veers from rock 'n' roll testimonials to surreal, 'shroom-induced bursts of Kerouacian spontaneity. He presides over the latenight congregation, screaming as his neck muscles strain, "Can I get a witness?" sans irony, making dramatic leaps off amplifiers, something nobody seems to do anymore. The Constantines are complete, shameless throwbacks, immersing themselves in everything that's fun about rock music, and bringing it to the people, making instant converts along the way." - Pop Matters

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Possible influences include: Fugazi, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash

Previews - the constantines

1. The arizona - Listen!
2. The the long distance - Listen!
3. The some party - Listen!
4. The young offenders - Listen!
5. The justice - Listen!
6. The seven a.m. - Listen!
7. The no ecstasy - Listen!
8. The hyacintu blues - Listen!
9. The saint you - Listen!
10. The the mcknight life - Listen!
11. The steal this sound - Listen!
12. The to the lullabies - Listen!
13. The little instruments - Listen!

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