Cub - Come Out, Come Out


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The 1994 release from Cub.

"The written record of Cub’s career is brimming with adjectives like cute, catchy, and charming. As a kind of shorthand for the band’s appeal, these words serve nobly enough, but the reason Come Out, Come Out deserves your attention has as much to do with attitude as it does adorability. To be sure, a number of these songs"”"Your Bed," "New York City," "Vacation""”are immediately ingratiating (and, miraculously, don’t wilt in the winds of familiarity). But once you warm up to the grittier moments on Come Out, Come Out, you’ll come to crave them as much as any of its bite-sized pop morsels." - Tiny Mix Tapes

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Possible influences include: Mecca Normal, The Velvet Underground, The Ramones

Previews - Come Out, Come Out

01. Ticket to Spain - Listen!
02. Everything's Geometry - Listen!
03. My Flaming Red Bobsled - Listen!
04. Isabelle - Listen!
05. Your Bed - Listen!
06. Tomorrow Go Away - Listen!
07. Life of Crime - Listen!
08. I'm Your Angel - Listen!
09. Por Favor - Listen!
10. New York City - Listen!
11. Voracious - Listen!
12. So Far Apart - Listen!
13. Vacation - Listen!
14. bonus track - Listen!

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