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The 2023 release from Dave Clark.

Friends, I tuned into the Cosmic Raydeo and out popped the tunes on this collection. They range from intimate whispers, to soulful missives, to psychedelic tracers, to pop treats, to jazz bizz, to jumped up c&w and rock n roll. There's even a Laurie Anderson inspired spoken word section on one of the tunes! This album is an unveiling of my heart. Each song is a good friend and I'm grateful that they decided to visit me. There were lots of different mics on this recording including my good pals: Michael Ward-Bergeman, Myk Freedman and Michael Herring.They ripped it up on a track or two. The artwork is by the wizard known as Bobelvis. He is a fountain of freaky goodness. Jola Joe Lapinski mastered it up nice and dandy too. My brilliant and beautiful wife Miss Anne helped with the artwork and our sly and stupendous daughter Miss Hannah dialled up my www.davidclarkmk1.com website for it. 

A cat can't be thankful enough for these kinds of loving souls. 

Peace n Love - dc 2023


September 2, 2023 

All songs Dave Clark SOCAN 2023 

I played, sang, recorded and mixed Cosmic Raydeo in my studio - "Bon's Cave" - Toronto, Canada. 

Special guests on: 
"Hootin' Annie" 
Michael Herring - acoustic bass - he recorded at his Trail Mix studio - Toronto, Canada. 
Myk Freedman - lap steel guitar - he recorded in his back room - Greenfield, Mass, USA. 
Michael Ward-Bergeman - accordion, percussion, bg vocals, environments - he recorded at his M4 Room - New Orleans, USA. 
Michael Ward-Bergeman - piano #2 & Keyboards - he recorded at his M4 Room - New Orleans, USA. 
Michael Herring - Electric bass - he recorded it at his Trail Mix studio - Toronto, Canada

Mastered by Joe Lapinski at Wow Sound - St. Catharines, Canada. 

Artwork by Bobelvis - Toronto, Canada. 

Info:  www.davidclarkmk1.com 
Shows: @davidclarkmk1 
Contact:  woodchoppers@sympatico.ca

Track Listing

1. Oh I
2. The Peoples Prayer
3. I Just Got To Hear From You
4. Hootin' Annie
5. Nancy
6. And Now
7. Cherry Blossoms
8. Tape
9. Knockin Myself
10. Morning

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