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"I didn't want to be stuck waiting for somebody else to buy my train ticket to good times so I went out and bought a ticket to ride all by myself to see if I could take in the sights, stopovers, stories, love making, desperation, celebrations, friendship, failure, figments, fragments, fights, family, glory and all the glitter that goes with the cake that you can have and eat before the sun sets and opens a new show on the walls of this new Rome. I'm tickled to bits and pieces and am truly glad all over for the 5 minutes I've been given on this spinning ball. I think I'll drop another coin in for some more of this thing we call life " "" Dave Clark July 2005

The music on "Dave Clark" and "Sketchbook #2" draws from over 25 years of Dave's eclectic experiences and experiments in music from pop off the top, to beat poetry, country & western, chamber music, New Orleans jazz, soul music, avant garde noise, beer hall ballads, progressive rock, delta blues, Greek dance music, songs dedicated to love and back to rock n' roll.

Dave Clark wrote, recorded, mixed, played almost all the gear and sang the tunes with help from his friends: Toronto based chamber ensemble Runcible Spoon featuring pianist Tania Gill, vocalist Leah State, violist Pam Bettger, clarinetist/vocalist Miss Julia Hambleton, and cellist Monica Fedrigo, as well as trumpeter Lina Allemano, trumpeter/vocalist Alfons Fear, the GBC featuring bassist Chris Banks, saxophonist Brodie West, and pianist Tania Gill, along with saxophonist Dani Oore and Dave's daughter vocalist Hannah Zbitnew. Chris Eaton recorded "Go For Soda" (Mitchell & Dubois).

The recordings "Dave Clark" and "Sketchbook #2" were made at Dave Clark's home in "Bon's Cave", Toronto, Canada over a period of two years as a meditation in how to have fun while learning how to play new instruments, how to write music and how to record it all.

Previews - Sketchbook

1. Dave Clark - Stoned Again - Listen!
2. Dave Clark - Western Visit - Listen!
3. Dave Clark - Why Don't You Come Home? - Listen!
4. Dave Clark - Resplendance - Listen!
5. Dave Clark - Autonomic - Listen!
6. Dave Clark - Love & Affection - Listen!
7. Dave Clark - Momento - Listen!
8. Dave Clark - Love in 3/4 time - Listen!
9. Dave Clark - Go For Soda - Listen!

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