Destroyer - We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge


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The 1996 release from Destroyer.

Dan Bejar started Destroyer as a solo project in Vancouver in 1995. His first album, We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge, was an electric folk record, setting the stage for the early Bowie comparisons that were certain to follow his particular vocal style. In 1998, Bejar added a rhythm section and took them into the studio for the first time. The resulting recording, City of Daughters, is a sparsely produced collection of catchy pop songs in which Bejar's increasingly obtuse lyrics really start to stand out. Thief, again recorded in Vancouver, was released in 2000, but by now the lineup had expanded into a quintet. The sparse production and the Bowie comparisons remained, but Bejar's cryptic lyrics and unique voice gave this rant against the music industry an original quality missing from many of that year's releases.

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Possible influences include: Bob Dylan, The New Pornographers, Leonard Cohen

01. Revolution - Listen!
02. J. Tailor - Listen!
03. Smith - Listen!
04. I, as McCarthy - Listen!
05. Mending Song - Listen!
06. Leave Little Fiddler - Listen!
07. The Pornographers - Listen!
08. War On Jazz - Listen!
09. Islands in the Stream - Listen!
10. SadListen!
11. Streets of Fire - Listen!
12. Rose Fleched This - Listen!
13. Breakin' the Law - Listen!
14. Whistlin' Dixie - Listen!
15. Riota - Listen!
16. Knowing When To Leave - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including four PDF pages.

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