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The 2008 educational collection from Stuart McLean. This is a collection of audio stories featured in The Educator's Guide to The Vinyl Cafe.

KEY POINT - This product just includes the audio stories that go with the guide book, and if you'd like to also purchase a print copy of The Educator's Guide to The Vinyl Cafe please email author Andrew McFayden at: 

Are you a teacher? Have you ever thought of using Stuart McLean's stories in the classroom? For years we've received feedback from Vinyl Cafe listeners asking for ideas of ways they can use the Dave and Morley stories in the classroom. Finally we've decided to do something about it! What can we say...we may not be fast, but we're slow.

One of our favourite teachers - Andrew McFadyen - has put together this comprehensive collection of lesson plans based on Stuart's stories. The guide includes the original Dave and Morley stories as well as related activities, reading assignments, discussion topics, and project ideas. Suitable for grades 6-10.

This digital album has all the stories that appear in the book. purchase the book for the lesson plans and download this digital companion album so you can play the stories in your classroom.

This album is a Zunior-Only release.

Learn more about Stuart McLean at

Previews - The Educator's Guide to the Vinyl Cafe

01. The Laundry Chute (21:37) -

02. Kenny Wong's Practical Jokes (26:49) -

03. The Fig Tree (17:36) -

04. Dave Cooks the Turkey (26:19) -

05. Turkeys Are Terrific (23:53) -

06. Emil (14:33) -

07. Remembrance Day (23:07) -

08. Love Never Ends (22:30) -

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including one PDF page.

Album File Size - MP3 Format - 247.92 MB

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