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Elevator is Rick, Tara and Mark. Featuring two original members of Eric's Trip, Elevator started in 1993 when the song "Killing Myself" was released on "Stereo Mountain - My Week While Julie's In Ottawa" cassette. After a series of releases on Sub Pop, and Sonic Unyon, we are pleased to present the music of Moncton, New Brunswick's Elevator.

"In August, Elevator's umpteenth release, Rick White and his band of psychonauts have unleashed an unfathomably dark beast from their haunted laboratory. Strange creatures scratch the floorboards along the way ("Catapillar") making you want to curl up and hide. "Hickwall" forgoes any subtlety by relentlessly pummeling you with its primitive metal assault and then "Comfort And Joy" all but destroys your spirit with its black recasting. It all makes for a new, more sinisterly dark edge to Elevator's hippie sludge this time around. Perhaps it's partially to do with the eerily circular way the Rick White-Tara White union is deteriorating like Rick White-Julie Doiron in the Eric's Trip days, or perhaps it's simply a response to the bleak things that shadow everything going on in the world today. Regardless, the sonic turbulence captured on August makes a journey not for the faint of heart. Aaron Brophy- Chartattack"

Learn more about this band at www.elevator.ca.

Possible influences include: Black Sabbath, The Melvins and Leadbelly

Previews - August

1. Thickwall - Listen!
2. Memories of You - Listen!
3. The Invitation - Listen!
4. I Wonder What Is Sane - Listen!
5. To Cry A River - Listen!
6. The Change - Listen!
7. Night - Listen!
8. Catapillar - Listen!
9. Comfort and Joy - Listen!
10. Live - Listen!
11. August - Listen!
12. Where Is The End? - Listen!

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