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The 2006 album from Final Fantasy. Winner of the very first Canadian Polaris Prize. A sparkly and spooky album.

"He Poos Clouds. The title is meant as a compliment (cf. shit that don't stink), and maybe also as a way of cutting through the seriousness of the thing itself-- 10 compositions for a chamber ensemble including strings, piano, harpsichord, percussion, and voice. Work through Pallett's lyrics and there's the more serious possibility that this album is about suicide. These songs are populated by characters both fantastical and hopeless: frigid young professionals, an impotent real-estate broker, Lazarus, a Japan-obsessed suicidal, "the Pooka," a lost teenage daughter, and Jenna, who "dreams of being physically able/ To behead herself at the dining room table." They talk to themselves (and occasionally one another) in arch, pithy exclamations, which Pallett, in print, riddles with explanation points. What's dating? "Tell lies, tell dirty lies, tell diggory lies/ Until you're lying in his bed!" - Pitchfork

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Possible influences include: Hidden Cameras, Bob Wiseman, The Arcade Fire

Previews - He Poos Clouds

01. The Arctic Circle - Listen!
02. He Poos Clouds - Listen!
03. This Lamb Sells Condos - Listen!
04. If I Were a Carp - Listen!
05. -> - Listen!
06. I'm Afraid of Japan - Listen!
07. Song Song Song - Listen!
08. Many Lives -> 49 MP - Listen!
09. Do You Love? - Listen!
10. The Pooka Sings - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including four PDF pages.

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