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Plumtree (now defunct) is a quartet from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Formed in 1993 when the sisters Gillis met up with Amanda Braden, Plumtree quickly established themselves as one of the more original young bands in Canada. With the addition of Catriona Sturton on bass, the band quickly developed a highly collaborative songwriting method which combined catchy melodies, a serious approach to writing music and solid instrumentation to produce the group's finest material to date.

Attracting attention when they were still in their mid-teens, Plumtree appeared on several compilation cds, released several 7" records, the Flutterboard ep, the mass teen fainting cd, their most recent cd, Plumtree Predicts the Future and 4 videos, for the most part on Halifax's Cinnamon Toast label (jale, rebecca west, etc). All the group's releases received excellent press and campus radio with predicts the future holding the number 1 spot on Canadian Campus Radio for 4 weeks.

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Possible influences include: Sloan, Jale, B'Ehl, Velocity Girl.

Previews - This Day Won't Last at All

1 Plumtree - Was That All? - Listen!
2 Plumtree - One-Stop - Listen!
3 Plumtree - I'm Not Moving - Listen!
4 Plumtree - Regret - Listen!
5 Plumtree - Lies I Tell Myself - Listen!
6 Plumtree - Hello Again - Listen!
7 Plumtree - Tonight's Not Alright - Listen!
8 Plumtree - Latitude - Listen!
9 Plumtree - My My - Listen!
10 Plumtree - I Could Draw a Line - Listen!
11 Plumtree - Thrilled to be Here - Listen!
12 Plumtree - Faraway - Listen!

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