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The classic album from the Rheostatics. Recorded in 1994 at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas, this album elevated the band into the domain of major label rockers. Sire Records put the stamp of approval on this one, and it brought them fame from around the world.

For more than two decades, the Rheostatics have mapped new frontiers across Canada, embracing the nation that bore them and reinterpreting its sea-to-shining-sea grandeur in music of startling variety and indisputable beauty. The band has remained fiercely loyal to a unique vision that is entirely dependent upon the alchemical interaction of its members, the catalyzing friction that renders gold from lesser metals - and that distinguishes the Rheostatics from bands of lesser mettle.

The album features the original Rheostatics lineup of Dave Bidini, Dave Clark, Martin Tielli, and Tim Vesely. Can-rock pioneers!

You can learn more about this band at www.rheostatics.ca.

Possible influences include: Little Feat, The Band, Rush and the Ramones.

Previews - Introducing Happiness

1. Rheostatics - Fan Letter to Michael Jackson - Listen!
2. Rheostatics - Introducing Happiness - Listen!
3. Rheostatics - One More Colour - Listen!
4. Rheostatics - Claire - Listen!
5. Rheostatics - Digital Beach - Listen!
6. Rheostatics - Earth/Monstrous Hummingbird - Listen!
7. Rheostatics - Row - Listen!
8. Rheostatics - Full Moon Over Russia - Listen!
9. Rheostatics - Take Me In Your Hand - Listen!
10. Rheostatics - Jesus Was Once A Teenager Too - Listen!
11. Rheostatics - Me And Stupid - Listen!
12. Rheostatics - Fish Tailin' - Listen!
13. Rheostatics - The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos - Listen!
14. Rheostatics - Cephallus Worm/Uncle Henry - Listen!
15. Rheostatics - In This Town - Listen!
16. Rheostatics - Alomar - Listen!
17. Rheostatics - You Are A Treasure - Listen!
18. Rheostatics - Onilley's Strange Dream - Listen!

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