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The 2004 rarities collection from The Inbreds.

A collection of ten rare Inbreds recordings that span the period from 1993-1998. Includes alternate versions of songs like Never Be, and Prince. Unusual covers include Sam and Dave, and the Everly Brothers.

Bonus - Includes artwork and liner notes with comments and history on all the songs.

Sample liner note:

"Prince (Kitchen Mix) - Prince was the first song we ever recorded. Mike plays every instrument on this version, including a complete set of pots and pans for drums. Using multiple tracks, he successfully creates the sound of James Brown's funky drummer by separately recording kick, snare, and high hat. The rest is of the sound that distinctly reflects the style of the day. - Dave"

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Track Listing

01. The Inbreds - Prince (Kitchen Sink Mix) - Listen! 
02. The Inbreds - Never Be The Same (Remix) - Listen!
03. The Inbreds - Cathy s Clown (Cover) - Listen!
04. The Inbreds - Yelverton Hill (Idea of East) - Listen!
05. The Inbreds - Wrap It Up (Cover) - Listen!
06. The Inbreds - Sometimes (Remix) - Listen!
07. The Inbreds - Let's Get Together (Cover) - Listen!
08. The Inbreds - Wanna Be Your Friend (Intstrumental) - Listen!
09. The Inbreds - Right Time To Say Goodbye (Remix) - Listen!
10. The Inbreds - Down In Flames (Cover) - Listen!

Hear all samples at once - Listen!

BSides is a Zunior-only release.

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