The Sadies - In Concert Vol. 1 and Vol. 2


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The 2006 album from the The Sadies. This is the first of a two-disc collection.

"Sadies gigs are often spectacular. But for their double-live album In Concert Volume One, the Toronto twangmeisters fronted by Dallas and Travis Good really went whole hog. They took over Lee's Palace for two nights. They corralled a star-studded guest list featuring almost everyone they've ever worked with -- and most of their family. They got Steve Albini to record it. And they crafted an epic set list that revisits nearly every milestone and detour on their circuitous career. Disc 1 belongs to the band, who blaze through 21 tracks of their trademark surf-country-spaghetti-western-rock. Along with cuts from their five albums, they toss in a couple of new tunes, covers of Canadian Squires and Flat Duo Jets with Garth Hudson, and a rootsy mini-set with their dad and uncles in The Good Brothers. On its own, it would be swell. But it's just the warmup. Disc 2 is where the real magic happens. Like some indie-rock version of The Last Waltz, the band shares the stage and spotlight with a cast of cronies and characters. Hoodoo guru Jon Spencer whips up the crowd with his evangelical fervor. Roots-rocker Jon Langford and country siren Neko Case offer tunes from their Sadies-backed albums." - The Winnipeg Sun

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Possible influences include: Neko Case, The Mekons, Jon Spencer

Previews - In Concert Vol. 1 (disc one)

01. Show Intro - Listen!
02. Cheat - Listen!
03. Why Be So Curious? - Listen!
04. 1000 Cities Falling Apart (pt. 1) - Listen!
05. Rat Creek - Listen!
06. Song Of The Chief Musician (pt. 2) - Listen!
07. 16 Mile Creek - Listen!
08. Taller Than The Pines - Listen!
09. Lay Down Your Arms - Listen!
10. Higher Power - Listen!
11. Uncle Larry's Breakdown - Listen!
12. Eastern Winds - Listen!
13. Stay A Little Longer - Listen!
14. Nothumberland West - Listen!
15. Lonely Guy - Listen!
16. Snow Squad - Listen!
17. Leave Me Alone - Listen!
18. Ridge Runner Reel - Listen!
19. 1,000,002 Songs - Listen!
20. Dying Is Easy - Listen!
21. Tiger Tiger - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including four PDF pages.

Previews - In Concert Vol. 1 (disc two)

01. Back Off - Listen!
02. Justine Alright - Listen!
03. Talking Down - Listen!
04. American Pageant - Listen!
05. Strange Birds - Listen!
06. Home - Listen!
07. Hold On, Hold On - Listen!
08. Evangeline - Listen!
09. Tailspin - Listen!
10. A Good Flying Day - Listen!
11. Lucifer Sam - Listen!
12. Another Day - Listen!
13. All Passed Away - Listen!
14. Story's Often Told - Listen!
15. You're Everywhere - Listen!
16. Within A Stone - Listen!
17. Food, Water, Etc. - Listen!
18. Jason Fleming - Listen!
19. Her Love Made Me - Listen!
20. Memphis, Egypt - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including four PDF pages.

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