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The 2009 release from Tinariwen.

"Although Tinariwen might have been less convincing had they come from Ruislip, it's important not to let the remarkable biography overshadow the music. A cat's cradle of wiry funk guitar riffs played over ragged, galloping hand drums, topped by growling, ululating vocals, it seemed to reunite pre-war Delta Blues with its distant African cousins. There were traces of Mali's hypnotic jeli griots and kora players; there were folk melodies that came from the dislocated, lonesome, nomadic Touareg desert culture from which the band emerged, but when added together it invoked odd but curiously apposite comparisons: Can, Captain Beefheart, The Clash, Black Sabbath.

Their last album, 2007's Water Is Life album, produced in a Bamako studio by Robert Plant's guitarist Justin Adams, was superficially raw but subtly arranged. The traditional hand drums were multi-tracked and beefed up with handclaps, while the guitars were occasionally treated with wah-wah pedals, fuzzboxes and touches of studio technology. Imidiwan: Companions strips away such modern accoutrements and sees engineer Jean-Paul Romann recording them in situ in a series of remote Malian villages, his portable studio powered by a chugging generator. Everything sounds deliciously grubby and unpolished – the kora-style patterns on "Lulla" seem to tumble out of the guitars in a gloriously haphazard manner; the jittery "Enseqi Ehad Didagh (Lying Down Tonight)", negotiates the wonderfully disorientating time-signature of 9/16 with a ramshackle charm." - Uncut

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Possible influences include: Can, Captain Beefheart, The Clash, Black Sabbath

Previews - Imidiwan: Companions

01. Imidiwan Afrik Tendam -
02. Lulla -
03. Tenhert -
04. Enseqi Ehad Didagh -
05. Tahult In -
06. Tamodjerazt Assis -
07. Intitlayaghen -
08. Imazeghen n Adagh -
09. Tenalle Chegret -
10. Kel Tamashek -
11. Assuf Ag Assuf -
12. Chabiba -
13. Ere Tasfata Adounia -

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