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The 2023 Martin Popoff short eBook about rock ‘n’ roll comeback stories.

In this ongoing series of documents, Martin Popoff provides a ranked top 20, this time dealing with happy rock ‘n’ roll career rejuvenations. As Martin’s intro blurb says, “It’s always inspiring to talk about bands being successful, especially if it’s for a second time. I hope you agree that the following 20 constitute some of the robust examples going. I’ve decided to peg it to an album because that’s usually a reliable enough signpost. Even with Aerosmith, I feel the success of Permanent Vacation is more significant and substantive than a single novelty song, although “Walk This Way” certainly greased the wheels. And I must say this added a layer of challenge, because I’m leaving out sort of late-career reunion tours not supported by a new album, of which there are many.

Caution, Popoff’s got some weird, contrarian opinions, so don’t look for his lists to match standard consensus. In any event, included with this one are relevant album graphics to keep you moving along toward that #1 pick! Learn more about Martin Popoff at

Bonus! - This short 12-page eBook is available here as a full high-resolution PDF to provide images at the highest quality.

eBook File Size - PDF format – 1 MB

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