Hayden - Elk-Lake Serenade


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The 2004 release from Hayden.

"Contemporary folk singers with wobbly voices, sparsely evocative instrumentation and brilliantly emotive wordplay have always suffered against the yardstick of the holy acoustic triad of Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Canadian singer/songwriter Hayden has transcended those comparisons on his acclaimed recordings to date by amplifying those stylistic elements beyond the need to measure them. That string of tremulous genius continues unabated on Hayden's fifth release, the patently wonderful Elk Lake Serenade. Lyrically, Hayden remains at the top of his elevated game while pushing his musical direction along familiar but slightly different paths, particularly on the electric folk-rock stomp of "My Wife" ("You're looking at my wife like she's a part of the dinner we're serving you"), the Waits-channels-Drake piano bliss of "Wide Eyes" and the Harvest-Young pedal-steel bite of "Home by Saturday." Hayden's marble-mouthed vocals and lean accompaniment are sheer veils that mask, and at the same time reveal, an artist of remarkable depth and potential, becoming someone who inspires comparison rather than invites it." - Pitchfork

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Previews - Elk-Lake Serenade

01. Hayden - Wide Eyes - Listen!
02. Hayden - Home By Saturday - Listen!
03. Hayden - Woody - Listen!
04. Hayden - This Summer - Listen!
05. Hayden - Hollywood Ending - Listen!
06. Hayden - Robbed Blind - Listen!
07. Hayden - Killbear - Listen!
08. Hayden - Through The Rads - Listen!
09. Hayden - Starting Over - Listen!
10. Hayden - Don't Get Down - Listen!
11. Hayden - Roll Down That Wave - Listen!
12. Hayden - My Wife - Listen!
13. Hayden - 1939 - Listen!
14. Hayden - Elk-Lake Serenade - Listen!
15. Hayden - Looking Back To Me - Listen!

Bonus - Album package comes with complete artwork including fourteen PDF pages.

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