Hayden - Live at Convocation Hall


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The 2002 live double album from Hayden.

"Following the evocatively mellow Skyscraper National Park, Hayden decided to tour the North American continent all by his lonesome, bringing his acoustic guitar, wavering voice, and unexpected humor to small clubs and theaters. This double-CD set captures the singer/songwriter in his hometown of Toronto performing 22 songs from his extensive catalog in front of a theater filled with appreciative fans. The recording is a beautiful testament to the stripped-down beauty of the songs, and with material from his three records, new songs, a few obscure cult favorites, and the obligatory Neil Young cover, not to mention some beautiful packaging, this is a real treat for any fan. New tunes like the goofy ode to his cat, "Woody," or the eerie love vs. obsession tale "Holster" will surely get folks excited for whatever follows this disc, but it's the solo renditions of classics like "We Don't Mind," "Between Us to Hold," and "Stem" that really steal the show. Hayden's trademark stage banter, a witty and unexpected contrast to his often depressing songs, is all over the record, and it only serves to add to the already personal sound of the evening, making Live at Convocation Hall a true live record and not just a note-for-note reiteration of his studio work. It's a strong accomplishment, and if you were unlucky enough to have missed this intimate string of shows, it's a document that comes close to bringing the experience into your own home." - All Music Guide

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Previews - Live at Convocation Hall

Hayden - Live at Convocation Hall (album 1)

01. Hayden - Streetcar - Listen!
02. Hayden - I Should Have Been Watching You - Listen!
03. Hayden - Steps Into Miles - Listen!
04. Hayden - The Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees - Listen!
05. Hayden - Holster - Listen!
06. Hayden - Middle of July - Listen!
07. Hayden - Between Us To Hold - Listen!
08. Hayden - I'm To Blame - Listen!
09. Hayden - Bass Song - Listen!
10. Hayden - We Don't Mind - Listen!
11. Hayden - Stem - Listen!

Hayden - Live at Convocation Hall (album 2)

01. Hayden - Two Doors - Listen!
02. Hayden - I Don't Think We Should Ever Meet - Listen!
03. Hayden - Woody - Listen!
04. Hayden - Long Way Down - Listen!
05. Hayden - All In One Move - Listen!
06. Hayden - Bad As They Seem - Listen!
07. Hayden - Lullaby - Listen!
08. Hayden - Pots And Pans - Listen!
09. Hayden - Trees Lounge - Listen!
10. Hayden - Tell Me Why - Listen!
11. Hayden - Carried Away - Listen!

Bonus - Double-album package comes with complete artwork including eleven PDF pages.

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Album File Size - FLAC Format - 475 MB

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